Chiellini: Alves Always Want to Find a New Challenge

Chiellini: Alves Always Want to Find a New Challenge

Giorgio Chiellini spoke of his former team-mates at Juventus, Dani Alves will decide to join Paris Saint-Germain because he wants to find new challenges

Alves himself left Barcelona in the summer of 2016 to move to Turin with agent free status, where aia contributed six goals and seven assists in 33 matches.

However, despite this he broke the contract early to become part of the giant Ligue 1, and reunited with Neymar.

“That’s what Alves is,” Chiellini told local media.

“I think he will leave PSG as well, because he always needs a new challenge. There is so much respect for him, for he has left behind beautiful memories. “

Wenger Sure Can Slide Manchester City

Wenger Sure Can Slide Manchester City

Ahead of hosting Huddersfield Town on Thursday morning, Arsene Wenger insists Manchester City can slip and he admitted confident with the Gunners chance to win the English Premier League title this season

But Wenger says it can happen if his squad is able to win the next game and he insists that the team can take the full points in action.

Even ex-tactician Monaco 68-year-old tack is too early assess The Citizens already lock the title

“It’s too early to say that,” Arsene Wenger told the media.

“I feel that every team has a gap, even Man City where they do have a good start, but it’s too early. We are still in November and you just won it in May.

“It’s now a long way apart and the only way to win every game and that’s why the next game is very important to us.”